Yookoso Workbook
  Avance Cover  
  Hamasaki, Et Al
Copyright Year: 2006
Publisher: McGraw Hill Website
  Getting Started 01
  Getting Started 02
  Getting Started 03
  Getting Started 04
  Getting Started 05
  Chapter 01
  Chapter 02
  Chapter 03
  Chapter 04
  Chapter 05
  Chapter 06
  Chapter 07

File Getting Started 1  
gettingstarted1 1 D1 A Simple Introduction  
gettingstarted1 2 D2 Meeting Someone And Then Introducing Yourself  
gettingstarted1 3 D3 Inquiring About Someones Name  
gettingstarted1 4 D4 Asking For Someones Name  
gettingstarted1 5 D5 Using A Name Card  
gettingstarted1 6 D6 Morning Greetings  
gettingstarted1 7 V Common Greetings And Leave-taking  
gettingstarted1 8 V Classroom Expressions  
gettingstarted1 9 VL More Classroom Expressions  
gettingstarted1 10 V Vocabulary  
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  Getting Started 2  
gettingstarted2 1 V Numbers Up To 20  
gettingstarted2 2 D1 Asking For Someones Telephone Number  
gettingstarted2 3 D2 Asking For Clarification  
gettingstarted2 4 D3 Asking What Time It Is  
gettingstarted2 5 D4 Asking About The Time In Other Places  
gettingstarted2 6 V Time Of Day  
gettingstarted2 7 D5 Asking When Something Is Taking Place  
gettingstarted2 8 VL Daily Activities  
gettingstarted2 9 D6 Asking For Clarification  
gettingstarted2 10 V Vocabulary 1  
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Getting Started 3  
gettingstarted3 1 D1 Talking About Ones Schedule  
gettingstarted3 2 A1 John Kawamuras Day  
gettingstarted3 3 V Daily Activities  
gettingstarted3 4 D2 Asking How Often Someone Does Something  
gettingstarted3 5 VL More Daily Activities  
gettingstarted3 6 D3 Asking About Someones Weekend Plans  
gettingstarted3 7 V Days And Weeks  
gettingstarted3 8 D4 Expressing Ones Likes And Dislikes  
gettingstarted3 9 D5 Saying What Food One Especially Likes  
gettingstarted3 10 V Vocabulary 2  
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  Getting Started 4  
gettingstarted4 1 D1 Saying What One Ate The Night Before  
gettingstarted4 2 V Days And Weeks-2-  
gettingstarted4 3 VL Questions Words  
gettingstarted4 4 A1 Linda Browns Schedule For Yesterday  
gettingstarted4 5 D2 Saying What One Drank The Night Before  
gettingstarted4 6 D3 Making Plans With Another Person  
gettingstarted4 7 A4 Listening Comprehension  
gettingstarted4 8 V Days Of The Week  
gettingstarted4 9 A5 Listening Comprehension  
gettingstarted4 10 D4 Making Plans For A Dinner  
gettingstarted4 11 D5 Exchanging Greetings  
gettingstarted4 12 V Weather Expressions Often Used As Greetings  
gettingstarted4 13 V Todays Weather  
gettingstarted4 14 V Vocabulary 3  

Getting Started 5  
gettingstarted5 1 D1 Asking Where Something Is Located  
gettingstarted5 2 D2 Asking Where Someones Home Is  
gettingstarted5 3 D3 Asking Whats Available  
gettingstarted5 4 D4 Asking How Much Something Is  
gettingstarted5 5 D5 Ordering A Meal  
gettingstarted5 6 D6 Ordering Coffee  
gettingstarted5 7 A8 Listening Comprehension 1  
gettingstarted5 8 V Vocabulary 4  
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  Chapter 1  
chapter1 1 A1 Who Is This Person  
chapter1 2 V People At School Nationalities And Languages  
chapter1 3 A2 Ms. Chin Is Chinese  
chapter1 4 G1 Identification The Copula  
chapter1 5 V Personal Information  
chapter1 6 VL Academic Subjects And Majors  
chapter1 7 A7 What Is His Her Major  
chapter1 8 A8where Are You From  
chapter1 9 V Age  
chapter1 10 V Months  
chapter1 11 A12 Once More Please  
chapter1 12 G3 Personal Pronouns And Demonstratives  
chapter1 13 V Around Campus  
chapter1 14 A17 Where Is The Library  
chapter1 15 V Days Of The Week 1  
chapter1 16 A23 Whose Ballpoint Pen Is This  
chapter1 17 LFS Introducing Friends-1-  
chapter1 18 LFS Introducing Friends-2-  
chapter1 19 LC Listening Comprehension  
chapter1 20 V Vocabulary 5  
chapter1 21 G4 Asking Questions And Interrogatives  

  Chapter 2  
chapter2 1 V Commuting  
chapter2 2 A1 Its About Minutes By Subway.  
chapter2 3 V Counting Minutes And Hours  
chapter2 4 G5 Adjectives And Adverbs  
chapter2 5 V Basic Adjectives  
chapter2 6 V Cities And Towns  
chapter2 7 A9 What Kind Of Place Is It  
chapter2 8 A10 Where Is Mr. Huruyamas House  
chapter2 9 G6 Expressing Existence The Verbs  
chapter2 10 V Places Around Town  
chapter2 11 G7 Indicating Location  
chapter2 12 G8 Positional Words  
chapter2 13 V Positional Words  
chapter2 14 A18 Where Is The Supermarket  
chapter2 15 VL More Positional Words  
chapter2 16 G9 Numerals And Counters  
chapter2 17 A26 How Many Banks Are There  
chapter2 18 A27 How Many Students Are There  
chapter2 19 V Counting People  
chapter2 20 G10 Expressing Likes And Dislikes  
chapter2 21 LFS Making Communication Work  
chapter2 22 LFS Showing A Location On A Map  
chapter2 23 A21 Is There A Good Restaurant  
chapter2 24 LC Listening Comprehension 3  
chapter2 25 V Vocabulary 6  
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  Chapter 3  
chapter3 1 V Days And Times Of Day  
chapter3 2 A1 You Are Always Busy Arent You  
chapter3 3 V Days Of The Month  
chapter3 4 A2 What Is The Date  
chapter3 5 V Weeks Months Years  
chapter3 6 A4 What Day Is Your Birthday  
chapter3 7 V Everyday Activities 1  
chapter3 8 A7 What Time Do You Get Up Every Day  
chapter3 9 G12 The Nonpast Polite Form Of Verbs  
chapter3 10 A15 What About After That  
chapter3 11 V Everyday Activities 2  
chapter3 12 G13 The Past Polite Form Of Verbs  
chapter3 13 A17 I Overslept  
chapter3 14 V Expressions Of Frequency  
chapter3 15 A25 I Brush My Teeth 3 Times A Day  
chapter3 16 VL Everyday Activities 3  
chapter3 17 V Holidays And Vacations  
chapter3 18 G15 Making Suggestions 1  
chapter3 19 A35 What Shall We See 1  
chapter3 20 A37 I Will Make A Phone Call 1  
chapter3 21 G16 Conjoining Nouns 1  
chapter3 22 LFS Making A Phone Call  
chapter3 23 LFS Extending An Invitation  
chapter3 24 LC Listening Comprehension 1  
chapter3 25 LC Listening Comprehension 2  
chapter3 26 V Vocabulary 7  
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  Chapter 4  
chapter4 1 V Weather And Climate  
chapter4 2 A1 What Is The Weather Like Today  
chapter4 3 G17 Conjugating Adjectives  
chapter4 4 G18 Comparatives And Superlatives  
chapter4 5 VL Precipitation And Other Weather Terms  
chapter4 6 G19 The Past Plain Forms Of Verbs  
chapter4 7 G20 Explaining A Reason ...-noda-  
chapter4 8 V Seasons And Seasonal Activities  
chapter4 9 G21 The-te-form Of Adjectives And The Copula  
chapter4 10 G22 The-te-form Of Verbs  
chapter4 11 V Forecasting  
chapter4 12 A30 What Is The Climate Like In Winter  
chapter4 13 G23 Expressing Probability And Conjecture  
chapter4 14 A34 It Might Rain.  
chapter4 15 LFS Asking Questions About The Japanese Language  
chapter4 16 LFS Asking For Assistance With Kanji  
chapter4 17 LC Listening Comprehension  
chapter4 18 V Vocabulary 1  

  Chapter 5  
chapter5 1 V Hobbies And Leisure Activities  
chapter5 2 G24 Interrogative-Ka-Mo-Demo-  
chapter5 3 VL More Hobbies  
chapter5 4 V Sports  
chapter5 5 V Vocabulary Skills  
chapter5 6 G25 Describing Abilities  
chapter5 7 A13 You Are Good At Baseball.  
chapter5 8 VL More Sports Terms  
chapter5 9 G26 Nominalizers-Koto-and-No-  
chapter5 10 G27 More Uses Of The Particle-Mo-  
chapter5 11 A19 I Like Watching It.  
chapter5 12 G28 Potential Form Of Verbs  
chapter5 13 A20 Can You Swim  
chapter5 14 V Family  
chapter5 15 A25 This Is My Father.  
chapter5 16 V People  
chapter5 17 V Other Peoples Families  
chapter5 18 VL More Family Terms  
chapter5 19 G29 The-Te-Form Of Verbs-Imasu-  
chapter5 20 A29 What Is He Doing  
chapter5 21 G30 Relative Clauses  
chapter5 22 G31 Describing A Change In State-naro-  
chapter5 23 LFS Responding To Compliments  
chapter5 24 LFS Introducing A Family Member  
chapter5 25 LC Listening Comprehension 1  
chapter5 26 LC Listening Comprehension 2  
chapter5 27 V Vocabulary  

  Chapter 6  
chapter6 1 V Foods And Beverages  
chapter6 2 V Meals And Restaurants  
chapter6 3 G32 Expressing Experience The-Ta-Form Of Verbs-Kotogaaru-  
chapter6 4 A7 Have You Ever Been To An Italian Restaurant  
chapter6 5 VL More Food Words  
chapter6 6 G33 Expressing A Desire-Hoshii-Hoshigaru-Tai-and-Tagaru-  
chapter6 7 A9 Shall We Go Somewhere  
chapter6 8 A16 She Wants To Eat Lobster.  
chapter6 9 V Flavors Tastes And Seasonings  
chapter6 10 G34 Expressing An Opinion ...-to U-  
chapter6 11 G35 Sugiru-  
chapter6 12 A24 What Do You Think  
chapter6 13 A26 Have You Ever Been To The Restaurant HujI  
chapter6 14 G36 Quoting Speech ...-toiu-  
chapter6 15 A27 What Did He Say  
chapter6 16 V Cooking Terms  
chapter6 17 G37 Expressing Intention-Tsumori-and The Volitional Form Of Verbs  
chapter6 18 A35 Im Planning To Have A Party.  
chapter6 19 G38 The-te-form Of Verbs Verbs-miru-shimau-iku-and-kuru-  
chapter6 20 G39 Expressing Simultaneous Actions-nagara-  
chapter6 21 A45 I Will Eat While Studying.  
chapter6 22 LFS Asking And Expressing Opinions  
chapter6 23 LFS At A Restaurant  
chapter6 24 LC Listening Comprehension 4  
chapter6 25 V Vocabulary 3  
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  Chapter 7  
chapter7 1 V Shops And Stores  
chapter7 2 G40 When Something Happens Temporal Clauses Ending In-  
chapter7 3 A3 When I Went To The Pastry Shop I Saw Mr. Kanai.  
chapter7 4 VL More Stores  
chapter7 5 V Colors  
chapter7 6 VL More Colors  
chapter7 7 G41 Indefinite Pronoun-no-  
chapter7 8 A10 How About This Red One  
chapter7 9 V Shopping  
chapter7 10 VL More On Shopping  
chapter7 11 G42 Making If-then Statements The-Tara-Conditional  
chapter7 12 A17 If It Were Cheaper I Would Buy It.  
chapter7 13 V Clothes  
chapter7 14 VL More On Clothes  
chapter7 15 A24 Will You Try Them On  
chapter7 16 G43 Going Somewhere With A Purpose Using The Particle-ni-to Express Purpose  
chapter7 17 A26 I Will Go Look At Word Processors.  
chapter7 18 G44 Reporting Hearsay ...-souda-  
chapter7 19 G45 Saying Whether Or Not Something Is True  
chapter7 20 G46 Giving Reasons With ...-shi-...-shi-  
chapter7 21 A32 I Heard That It Was Very Inexpensive.  
chapter7 22 A35 They Are Light And Easy To Wear . . .  
chapter7 23 LFS Shopping  
chapter7 24 LC Listening Comprehension 1  
chapter7 25 LC Listening Comprehension 2 1  
chapter7 26 LC Listening Comprehension 3  
chapter7 27 V Vocabulary 2  
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